Dating direcy

If you’re looking for your fairy-tale ending and are starting to feel frustrated by the search — you can turn to the compassionate matchmakers at Dating Directions for the guidance you need to get in a relationship.

“We are dating experts,” said Elizabeth Cobey Piper, a certified dating coach and matchmaker.

The Short Version: Based in Columbus, Ohio, Dating Directions is a professional matchmaking firm run by a tight-knit team with over 30 years of experience behind them.

The all-woman staff combines their areas of expertise to match, coach, photograph, and guide clients as best they can.Dating Directions is the culmination of decades of experience working with singles on a personal level.Susie told us part of her job is to see past what her clients say they want and to understand what they need.The matchmakers assess singles on an individual basis and decide which services would best serve which clients.Whether you’d like to attend a dating workshop or spruce up your online dating profile, you can turn to Dating Directions for proactive guidance in today’s dating scene.

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