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Well, today I’m going to give you the lowdown on their dating app. Convenient, fast, perfect for all of us who have too many things to do (nurturing our careers, volunteering, networking, trying not to go crazy).You can do it with one hand while the other holds your third coffee of the day as you sit on the park bench taking 5 minutes out of your hectic work day to just B-R-E-A-T-H-E. I am a delight and I really have no idea why I’m still single. The East Meet East app icon is cute, with its signature white and pink colors and that swirly heart logo.You wouldn’t just give out your phone number or email to a random person on the street, right? (Don’t get me wrong - the right wink from the right guy makes me swoon but you don’t want to receive them left and right, virtual or otherwise).Check out the people who have smiled at you, take a look at their profiles, and if someone piques your interest, give a smile back.This is why I’m glad they decided to upgrade the app with full functionality.As I mentioned earlier, you can filter ethnicities, languages, the age when they came to the US (or Canada or wherever), faith, and occupation and income (for those of you whose parents are still hoping that you’ll marry a successful lawyer/doctor/banker).Take a look to hear about how other Asians are doing online dating and to see the EME app in action!is one of the most popular online dating sites and there is good reason for that.

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And definitely great for those of us too lazy to actually reach over and open up our laptops.I find myself being smiled at by physicians, computer programmers, software engineers, and graphic designers. Search in any major North American city (NYC, LA, Chicago, Houston, Toronto, Vancouver) and you should be able to find a nice lineup of possible matches.You can also venture off the continent and browse in cities like London, Sydney, and Melbourne!(Confession: even though I’m looking for someone local, I definitely took a peek at some of the available Aussies because I’m a sucker for the accent. ) One of the major downsides of the East Meet East dating app, however, is that it’s only offered in English, despite the focus on the Asian community.I don’t know if they have plans to offer the app in Asian languages, but it’s definitely something that should be considered. East Meet East also let me know about a video series they did with ISATV, called “The Dating Challenge Show” and it’s actually pretty entertaining.

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