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Even though we know (wink wink) it’s about Warren Beatty, the secret remains safe.

And later this week, Simon will hear, more importantly, whether her lawsuit against Starbucks’ Hear Music record label is going forward.

The pair dated in 1969-70, and Stevens was responsible for helping Simon with her breakthrough second album, “Anticipation.” “I hadn’t seen him since 1976,” Carly said. But Carly says they’d talked on the phone a few times.

“My son Ben played “How Can I Tell You” for him”– a popular Stevens song from his heyday–”Ben does a wonderful version of it. She named one of her recent albums after Stevens’ song, “Into White.” And “You’re So Vain”?

Next up: she’s recording a surprise album for this fall.

last night (June 22) were busy watching Camilla and Jonny's date unfold like proud parents, some eagle-eyed viewers were trying to work out where they'd seen newcomer Tyla Carr before.

The bright young things stopped being so, well, bright, and it appeared (from the outside at least) that lack of ambition or willingness to follow up their first album might bring them down.

Their second album, , however, furiously proves me wrong.

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Her nuanced voice brings a drowsy grittiness, a refreshing change from the bouncy boy-girl pop we’re used to from San Cisco.It’s almost hard to believe that The Preatures opened for San Cisco in late 2012, but exciting to see two very different acts still supporting one another.What’s most evident from is that San Cisco have finally found their feet. Find out in our list of The Top 10 Male Celebrities with the Best Dating Track Record.almost four years ago are leaving their teens behind.

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