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List Booster works as an add-on on your regular out of the box Share Point list views (any lists and document libraries).

It allows you to style your list, apply color schemes, manage font-styles and colors - all on top of you regular Share Point user interface.

Workflows cannot be triggered by add-in events, so add-in events cannot be handled with a Share Point-hosted add-in.

To handle list and list item events, you create remote event receivers (RERs), which are web services that run externally to the Share Point farm or Share Point Online.

Add-in events are also handled by remote web services, but they are configured differently in the add-in package from list and list item RERs, so they are treated as a separate category of component.

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The main purpose of a handler for this event is to delete or recycle things that were deployed with an App Installed (or an App Updated) handler.

Your add-in can handle the following list item events.

To change the events that the remote event receiver handles, open Solution Explorer, open the Properties window for the remote event receiver, expand the Share Point Events node, and then set only the events that you want to handle to True.

For more information, see Include rollback logic and "already done" logic in your add-in event handlers.

Note When you install an add-in with Tenant scope, it is installed to the add-in catalog site collection, and the App Installed event runs then and only then.

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