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In traditional face-to-face competition, two players alternate in trying to guess the opponent's hidden word, and the game ends when one player succeeds. Challenges to organize colors and objects (two at a time).In this computer version, only the computer has a hidden word, and you have 15 turns to guess it. The objective of Word Square is to score the highest possible score by placing the letter tiles to form three, four, or five letter words. Simple at first, TOYBOX soon becomes more difficult as game progresses.

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A yellow square indicates that the letter is in the right position.These multi-level, high paced games will put your wits and reflexes to the test!Inside you will discover exciting block formations, terrific 3D graphics and dazzling game pieces, including triangles, marbles, blocks, hexagons, jewels, alphabets, fruit, pentamino pieces and even shopping carts!The concept is simple, but random events, items and other things the game is pretty interesting, and it sometimes gets addicting too... Most of the bunnies are grey on the Field, and your objective is to turn ALL of them white by clicking on them.Here are the rules: 1: You can only click on a grey bunni. 3: The four bunnies touching the..."Jotto is a word-guessing game more akin to code-breaking games such as Mastermind than to the comparatively simple-minded Hangman.

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